Amazon Flex Earn Rs14400 Per Month Part Time Job with Amazon

Join Amazon Flex and Earn Rs.120-Rs.140 Per Hour by Delivering Packages with Amazon.

Amazon Flex Earn Rs14400 Per Month Part Time Job with Amazon

Details in Brief:


To Earn Good income by doing part time job join amazon Flex and Earn Rs.120-Rs.140 Per Hour daily by Delivering Packages with Amazon if you are doing this part time job for 4 hours in a day then you will get monthly Rs.14,500/-income.

Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job
Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job

Amazon Flex Earn Rs14400 Per Month Part Time Job with Amazon

Job Role:

1.Need to deliver Amazon Packages by your bike or any other vehicle.

2.You need to pickup the deliverable packages from local Amazon Wearhouse and deliver to customers.

3.Pick up Products like food, electronic, apparels or anything else that can be ordered.

4.Amazon will pay you to deliver the packages in your free time and offers Rs.120-Rs.140 Per can do this job in shifts morning block, afternoon block and evening block.

Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job
Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job


Above 18 years  and above

Driving License

PAN Number

At least 2 wheeler Vehicle

Savings bank Account

Income Generation:

For Part time Per hour Rs.120-Rs.140

Part time income per day working for 4 horus =Rs,.480/-

part time per month income

Total income Rs.14,400/-

if Fuel Expenses Rs.4,400/-

Your total Part time income per month will be Rs.10,000/-

Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job
Amazon Flex Par time Deliver Job

For Full Time:

Work for 8 Hours a day get Rs.960/-

Your full time income will be Rs.28,800/-

Monthly Fuel Exp: Rs.7,800/-

Your monthly full time job income will be Rs.21,000/-

How to Register for Amazon Flex Job:

Click here for visit my website:Click Here

Step1:Visit or click here

Step2:Enter your details like name,phone number,email id,town/city,pincode of your serving area,select your vehicle like 2 wheeler,4 wheeler etc., and submit.

Step3:App will be downloaded in your mobile or computer.

Step4:Download the app and install in your mobile.

Step5:Login with your mail and otp will be received and enter.

Step6:Select your serving area or city

Step7:Enter your address and enter GST details if you have otherwise select no and continue

Step8:Amazon insurance details accept and continuew

Step9:enter your pan number and submit

Step10:Enter your bank details

Step11:Participate in Quiz and then you will receive a email from amazon regarding your interview schedule.

Step12:Get the Job and Perform well .thats it so easy process and simple process and most successful job.

The best opportunity to earn good income while doing part time and on shift basis too.when you got the free time fix a particular time to work and go on wheels for parcel delivery and before that visit amazon logistics and get the parcels on their count and take the list of materials to be deliver and decide your location and deliver your orders in just within four hours of time and come back to logistics of amazon and deliver if any returnable items in the logistics and give a count of your orders which you are delivered and return to is very simple and no targets no headache but some time during rains or floods you need to deliver your orders smoothly.Dont forget to subscribe our channel asset mantra youtube channel and click the bell icon and stay for updates and avail best opportunities with us.Thank you all for your support.

if you want to know more watch the below video.

నెలకి ₹ 28,800 సంపాదించండి అమెజాన్ తో | Amazon Flex Earn 14,400 Per Month Part Time Job with Amazon

ఈ వీడియో చూసిన ప్రతివారు subscribe చేయండి. చేసినవారు మీ కుటుంబ సభ్యులకు అలాగే మీ మిత్రులకు మర్చిపోకుండా share చేసి వారిని కూడా subscribe చేయమని మరీ మరీ చెప్ప…




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