Bislery Water Franchise/Distributorship

Bislery Water Franchise/Distributorship – How to apply 2021

Bislery Water Franchise/Distributorship

Bisleri Franchise/Distributorship – Investment,contact number,how to apply online.

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Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. is a bottled water company. Bisleri operates their business on a very large level within India. The company has 135 operational plants within India and a large network of 4500 distributors followed by more than 5,000 Distribution Trucks. They do business within India and in neighboring countries as well.

About Bisleri:

This company produces many products with bottled water like Spyci, Limonata, Fonzo and Pina Colada, Fonzo etc. They are already established in India. People trust them,specially who are health conscious while drinking water.Now company offering distributorship to reach more customers across India. If you are planning to start business with them , it would be fruitful business for you.With small investment you can become a Distributior earn good money.In this post we will help you to take Bisleri water Distributorship.


Benefits of Bisleri Distributorship/Franchise

1.Number 1 bottled water brand in India

2.Bisleri performs 10-step purification process

3.You can start their water bottles from the day one.

4.They offer very good profit margin

5.Excellent business support and troubleshooting capability

6.Simple business policy and agreement terms


Water bottle capacities – 250 ml / 300 ml / 500 ml / 1 Liter / 2 Liter / 5 Liter / 10 Liters and 20 Liters

Bislery Water Franchise/Distributorship

Distributorship cost or investment Distributorship Fees: – Rs. 2 Lakhs To Rs. 5 Lakhs Storage / Godown Cost: – Rs. 2 Lakhs To Rs. 7 Lakhs Other Charges: – Rs. 1 Lakhs To Rs. 1.5 Lakhs Total Investment: – Rs. 5 Lakhs To Rs. 15 Lakhs

Also this documents need to attache: There are some other documents like rental papers, NOC certificate or trade license from local panchayet is required.


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