How to open Amazon Easy Store Logistics Franchise

How to open Amazon Easy Store Logistics Franchise?

Amazon is the biggest platform to sell or buy using digital marketing or e commerce website.Now during festive seasons the amazon sales are rapidly increasing day by day due to offers and big billion sales and other offers.Thease amazon sale will be continue for another 3 times those dates or diwali,pongal and new year also.How to open Amazon Easy Store Logistics Franchise?explained below.

So Plan for your Amazon Business and they are offering 3rd party easy store business and for the complete setup with little furniture they are offering the franchise cost of Rs.3 Lakh and they will provide only demo items to show to customers those who are visiting easy store outlet.

What is Eligibility Criteria to Open a Amazon Store?

Eligibitlity for Easy store
Eligibitlity for Easy store

Advantages of Amazon Easy Store Outlet franchise:

1.Amazon is Big Company and Customers are more and no need to go for special marketing and motivating people.

2.Commission on sales are upto 12% based on each item category.

3.if you are having credit card of ICICI /HDFC you will get additional discount of extra 5%-10%.

4.Marketing,Pamplets,Brouchers and banners will be provided by amazon 3rd party companies.

5.Demo Items along with little furniture also provided.How to open Amazon Easy Store Logistics Franchise

Disadvantages of Amazon Easy Store Outlet franchise:

1.Most People are Preffering to book their orders from mobile and by sitting at home.

2.Maintainance is very expensive.

3.Shop rent will be high if it is in city areas

4.If you are achiving targets you will get incentives otherwise nothing.

5.You need to maintain current bill,rent,Shop Renovation charges,etc.

How to Apply for Amazon Easy Store Full Process Step by  Step:

Step1: Type in Google Amazon Easy store or click here to apply

Step 2: Fill the below Details by click on register

Step 3:Click on next and submit then you will receive the email and call with in 7 working days for next process.

The Amazon Store Looks like below outlet as a demo:

What is Amazon Easy Store?Why We should open?

Amazon easy is an assisted shopping program for customers to walk in to an amazon easy store and place orders on amazon market place.stores are enabled with demo products of brands and delivery can join the growth of community of entrepreneurs and become part of business and increase your revenue with amazon sales.

Note: Please Be aware of money transfers while doing in online and we are asset mantra not responsible for any of your loss in business or money.we are providing only information based on social need to know and go for proper research on your business and other agreements and decide yourself to start a business.Our channel will give only information about business model.

Who are the 3rd party providers and to whom we need to pay the money?

Amazon 3rd party tieup
Amazon 3rd party tieup

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