Earn monthly One Lakh and above with Amazon logistics partner

Delivery With Amazon & Earn One Lakh Income | work from Home, No Office Required

Earn monthly One Lakh and above with Amazon logistics partner

Amazon Logistics Apply Process Step by Step :Visit this website in Telugu, English, Hindi, and many Languages


Imply choose the cities where you’d like to delivery and submit information for a background check.
We’ll review your information and get back to you within 7 days.


You choose the cities where you’d like to delivery. Whether you have one van or a fleet, our volume and your business could be a great match.
All deliveries are within a specific service area and delivery services vary by location.

3 Steps only Involved:

1.Pickup:Drivers load the parcels at a regional location.

2.Drive:Amazon’s routing technology helps drivers navigate efficiently.

3.Delivery:Earn money by delivering parcels to Amazon customers.

Apply Process Step by Step:

1.Visit https://logistics.amazon.in/ or clickhere 

2.If you are new to amazon create account or sign in amazon

3.enter your user id and password and submit

4.Select your area where you would like to delivery and search

5.Enter your trade name(Shop name),company Address, GST Registration name,City,Phone number.

6.Company already running then select no of years completed or new shop then select ‘0’

7.Select Vehicle available daily:2 or more than that

8.Select Delivery type Employees or Contractors or both :suggestion select Both

9.Final Submit


Next Process: Wait for 7 Days then you will receive an e-mail from amazon to enter your vehicle insurance and bid rates and selection of service area.

10.Start Begin to enter your Vehicle insurance details like Vehicle insurance from which date it will be expired and renewal.

11.enter your Bid rates if it is 4 wheeler vehicle enter 150-220 between your rates based on your heavy or light vehicle for 10 km range.

12.if your vehicle is 2 wheeler enter 50-90 rupees based on your vehicle mileage.

13.Final Select Service Area in your city

Here it will show many service areas select carefully or call to amazon office or amazon.in website for selecting the code.

At last you will receive confirmation mail from amazon to submit the documents for uploading or send physical documents

like Leased or owned shop documents

Vehicle insurance details etc.,.

if you have any doubts comment here…

Earn monthly One Lakh and above with Amazon logistics partner

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers:

1.What are delivery providers?

Delivery providers are local companies that Amazon uses to delivery packages from a central location to our customer’s door.

2.Does Amazon need delivery providers in my area?

We are currently operating in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham, and we’re expanding to more cities soon. But we want to hear from you regardless of where you are. You can let us know the areas you’re interested in when you apply. If we’re not currently in your area, we’ll contact you when we are.

3.When are parcels delivered?

There is flexibility in choosing when you want to deliver. The hours vary by location but we operate seven days a week, almost every day of the year. Delivery opportunities occur throughout the day, including both early in the morning and late in the evening.

4.Does it cost anything to become a delivery provider for Amazon?

No, but if you join the programme, you’ll need to provide delivery vehicles, driver and safety training programmes, and insurance coverage. If you’re a professional delivery business, it’s likely that you already have everything you need.

5.What’s the next step in becoming a delivery provider?

We’re excited to have you begin the application process. Click Apply on the website to get started. The application process should take no more than ten minutes.

Earn monthly One Lakh and above with Amazon logistics partner

6.How long does the application process take?

The application takes about 10 minutes to complete. After you set up an Amazon business account, you’ll be asked to do the following tasks:

•Validate that you own the email address connected to your account
•Acknowledge that your company can fulfill our programme requirements
•Read and agree to the Delivery Provider Terms of Service
•Provide your company information for a background check
After your background check info is submitted, we’ll get back to you within 7 days.

prime delivery

Getting Started :

1.Do delivery providers use their own vehicles to deliver for Amazon?

Yes, delivery providers or drivers supply their own delivery vehicles for this programme.

2.How many service areas can a delivery provider cover?

It’s up to you. Delivery providers can cover multiple service areas. These are awarded based on performance, rates, and need.

3.Can a service area include both commercial and residential addresses?

Yes, most service areas will include both commercial and residential addresses.

4.What types of delivery services are offered?

Amazon offers many types of deliveries. The delivery services offered depend on the location and service area. You can choose what types of deliveries you want to perform.

5.What is the parcel size limit?

Currently the maximum weight of a delivery is 25 kg.

6.What is the average route distance?

This depends on the location. Typically, the average is 85 km/53 miles.

7.What resources are available to help delivery providers?

Everything you need to be successful is available through the delivery portal, including technology training resources, videos, and delivery data.


1.What type of vehicle do I need?

Currently we request all vehicles be no more than 4 years old, less than 3.5 tonne (GVW), and have a minimum load capacity of 5M cubic. However, as we launch more services, these requirements may change.

2.Do I need a safety and driver training programme?

Yes, to ensure the safety of your drivers, our programme requires you to have a safety and driver training programme in place.

3.Do vehicles have to be branded?

No, typically most trucks don’t need to be branded.

4.Is a delivery provider required to purchase special equipment?

No, special equipment isn’t required.

5.Are drivers independent contractors or employees of the delivery provider?

Drivers are independent contractors with a delivery provider.

6.How many drivers do I need?

There is no specific minimum. The programme is open to single driver owner-operators as well as larger companies.

7.Will training be provided?

Yes, Amazon will provide online training for our on-road technology. Delivery providers also need to have their own safety and driver training programs in place.

Visit our Website click here:

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Earn monthly ₹100000 and above with Amazon logistics partner | New Small scale Business Ideas telugu

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