How We can Start a Business with DMart ?

How We can Start a Business with DMart?

How We can Start a Business with DMart
How We can Start a Business with DMart

Business And Patner With D-Mart:

What is D-Mart?

The supermarket chain of DMart stores is owned and operated by Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (ASL). The company has its headquarters in Mumbai. and founder of Dmart is Radhakishan Damani. He is Second richest Indian after Reliance Industries ltd chairman Mukesh Ambani.

How We can Start a Business with DMart?

Two Types of Business you can choose with Dmart
1.Join as a suppliers 2.Landlords
You need to fill a form in Dmart website and provide all your required details like
Contact details,Product details,Area and location of Dmart shop etc.,
1.Join as a suppliers : you need to open website and choose supplier option and fill all the details to sell with Dmart website or need to give the details of your personal like mobile number,email id,state,if any website,product details,quantity,present vendors who you are supplying,quantity of supply etc.
2.Landlords : open the Dmart store in your area or in your city by providing space to Dmart Business at that you can earn good rental income every month with Dmart.
Advantages with Dmart Business:

Weekly payment every week and no time delay and more trusted customers and high profitability compare to others.
Unused space also you can plan for Dmart store business so that you also can generate your monthly rental income.
All verieties of products are available in Dmart outlet.
All Common People can visit the Dmart outlet and available in very reasonable prices.

D-Mart Outlets are available in Many Majour cities and in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also available.
Stores in Andhra Pradesh Listed Below:

1.Eluru 2.Guntur 3.Kakinada 4.Kurnool 5.Nellore 6.Ongole 7.Rajamundhary 8.tirupati 9.Tuni 10.vijayawada 11.Visakhapatnam
Stores in Telangana Lised Below:
1.Hyderabad 2.Karimnagar 3.Khammam 4.Warangal.
It is the best opportunity to open Dmart outlets in Remaining cities also.

If you have any qureies or any suggestions please mention your comment below.
Link Provided to apply for Dmart Business below:

Important Links :

Click Here To Apply

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